Sunday, November 7, 2010

Outline for Love, Internet Style

Thesis: I agree with David Brooks when he says online dating puts structure back into courtship and that internet relationships are just as powerful as relationships that begin face to face.

Introduction: 40 million people go onto various online dating sources each month. These websites are all different, some are for certain religious groups, some are for certain ethnicities, and others are for all people. The similarity between all of these websites is that majority of people that are using them are searching for love. Although people on these websites are searching for a life long partner extensive research shown in the new york post says that almost everyone using these dating websites lie about some aspect of their life. Through all of this still people find their lifelong partner using internet dating everyday. David Brooks believes internet dating is  a good thing for the American Society because it puts structure back into the dating scene. It slows down a process that in our century has been sped up so much that sex is an option on first dates, which was never heard of a few decades ago.

Paragraph 1: Websites, Statistics about internet dating,
Paragraph 2: dating process from older generations and online dating process compared to new age dating process
Paragraph 3: Online dating success and ability to find true love

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